Screened Porch Ideas
Now that your screened in porch is built you need some screened in porch ideas for decorating. How you decorate your screened in
porch will depend on what screened in porch ideas you have for its main use. Many homeowners use their screened in porch as another
family room, a family room where the outdoors and indoors can be combined. The most common screened in porch ideas for a family
space include comfortable furniture in a conversational seating style. Please keep in mind when you are shopping for your screened in
porch, that the furniture needs to be weather resistant. Some owners have the idea that a screened in porch will be protected from rain,
but that is not always the case. Wind will blow in rain, dirt, dust, and pollen to some extent. The most popular screened in porch ideas for
furniture include wicker, wood, and rattan. Your screened in porch will also get lots of natural sunshine so fabrics and furniture have the
possibility of fading over time. Many manufacturers make sun and water resistant fabric designed for outdoor and indoor use, specifically
for patios, porches, and screened in porches. If you have any doubt as to your furniture’s durability, make sure you ask the manufacturer
and see what screened in porch ideas they might have.

Another great screened in porch idea is using it as an additional dining room. You get all the advantages of eating al fresco without the
annoying mosquitos and flies. Again, keep the outdoor elements in mind when thinking of screened in porch ideas for a dining area. Your
table and chairs in your screened in room need to be fairly weather resistant – made with materials like composite wood, wrought iron, tile,
and water and UV resistant seat cushions. Make sure you have ample seating in your screened in porch if you entertain often and plan
on dining in your screened in porch.

The furniture you chose to make your screened in porch ideas a reality will really depend on your personal taste. Some owners stick with
a neutral color pallet, while others prefer cool or warm tones for their screened in porch. Many screened in porch homeowners really
enjoy a cohesive color scheme while others opt for more eclectic ideas and furnishings. Are you going for a coastal look for your
screened in porch? Great coastal screened in porch ideas include white wicker furniture or rustic white wood framed furniture with cooler
toned cushions.

Since the majority of screened in porch floors are concrete or tile, a popular screened in porch idea is using an outdoor/indoor area rug.
These are made with weather resistant material and can be quite striking in a screened in porch. You can place the rug underneath
furniture to add a splash of color or use an oversized rug over the majority of the screened in porch floor to add softness and warmth to
the whole room.

Other screened in porch ideas include lighting fixtures and ceiling fans to help create the right mood. Wood and wrought iron fixtures can
evoke a rustic atmosphere in your screened in porch. A tropical ceiling fan with large leaf-like blades can enhance a coastal style
screened in porch. Soft lamplight and candles can also help make a screened in room shine. Be sure that all of the lighting in your
screened in porch is exterior grade to withstand the elements.

Screened in porch ideas for finishing touches include using shade-loving plants. This will help give you that indoor/outdoor atmosphere in
your screened in porch. Wooden pictures, signs, and other wall décor can really help make your screened in porch a space that reflects
your unique personal style. Please feel free to look around our website for more great screened in porch ideas!
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