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screen porch decorating ideas, screen porch benefits, and eze breeze screen porches.
There are various reasons to invest in a screened porch.

A screened porch allows you to spend your summer in the outdoors, but protected from insects. There's no need to burn citronella
candles or put on that smelly insect repellent. You will get many years return on your investment, as the screened porch will last for

There are many types of screenrooms. Depending on the design of your screened room, it can be moved or taken apart. So, if you
move to another home, you can take your screenroom with you.

Additionally, there are different types of screened porches, such as aluminum, which can be expanded. The expansion allows you to
make your screenroom bigger should you decide to later on.

Screened porches have a variety of uses. The uses can include covering a swimming pool or a hot tub, enclose an existing deck or
patio or to cover your plants. The screened in porch ideas are endless and can protect other investments.

Screenrooms can be a safe haven for kids and pets. It allows them to be in an outdoor setting, but still in a safe, confined space indoors.

Screened in porches are definitely worth the investment with endless uses. There are DIY screen porch kits, which are even more cost
effective for those do-it-yourselfers!
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