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Planning Your Porch Project

When deciding to start your own screened-in porch project, there are a few things you should consider before jumping in. It is
important to determine your goals before starting your porch project, in order to build the porch of your dreams. You should be
evaluating the purpose of your screened-in porch and any specific conditions you would like it to have. Here are a few
questions you should reflect on when planning your porch project:

How do you want to use the porch?

This is a very important question to ask yourself when planning for your screened-in porch. There are many different reasons
that people build screened-in porches. Some motives are entertaining, dining, reading books, listening to music, or sitting by
the fire. You need to decide why you want to build your screened-in porch so that the proportions and size of the space will
provide you with the ability to accomplish your goals for the screened-in porch. For example, a porch made for dining and
entertaining would have alternate size requirements than a porch used for reading or sitting.

When do you want to use your porch?

Are you looking for a porch that you can use three or four seasons out of the year? Some regions and climate make it difficult
to spend time in a screened-in porch during the winter or summer. Depending on where you live, you may want to consider
adding in a fireplace or a ceiling fan to manage extreme temperatures during the harsh seasons.

Is your porch user-friendly?

When building a screened-in porch, you should consider the area that you would like your porch to be placed. The porch
should be easily accessible for all users, with enough room to participate in the functions of the porch. Your porch should be
space efficient to promote good traffic flow. The area that you place the porch in can influence how much light enters the room,
so you may want to consider if you want shade and privacy or a room that looks with a view.

How do you want your porch to look?

You should have an indication of what you would like your porch to look like. It is a good idea to have a rough drawing of your
porch with a basic floor plan when planning out your porch. By planning out your porch on paper, you can spot possible trouble
areas, or it may even inspire you to think of some more details that you have not considered. A great way to find ideas for your
screened-in porch is to search for already built screened-in porches online or even around town. If you find a certain style or
look that you like, you can do more research on that particular porch to get a better perspective on what you would want your
porch to look like.