How To Screen A Porch
A screen porch will make a wonderful new addition to your
home.  Screening in a porch is a project for do-it-yourself

Materials Needed:
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Stud Screws
  • Drill
  • Chalk Line
  • Level
  • Staple Gun
  • Measuring Tape
  • Wood Strips
  • Wall Studs
  • Pre-cut Rails
  • Pre-cut Sole Plates
  • Vinyl or Metal Screening
How To Screen A Porch Instructions:

1.        Painting: Painting the pre-cut wood strips, sole plates, rails and balusters before beginning the installation process is
recommended. If they become scratched, touch-up is easier and less messy after installation.

Preparing: Remove everything from the room. Thoroughly clean the floor and ceiling.

Installing Sole Plates: These are typically 2X4 lengths of wood pre-cut that are installed horizontally along the ceiling
and floor of the screened in porch. For a wooden porch, secure the sole plates using nails. For a concrete porch, secure the
sole plates using masonry screws and a drill. Sole plates create the frame between the window screen and the porch roof.

Adding Wall Studs: Studs are heavier lengths of wood that will be installed vertically from the floor sole plates to the
ceiling floor plates. Depending on whether your porch is wood or concrete, attach the studs using nails or masonry screws, as
with the sole plates.

Attaching Rails and Balusters: These will be installed horizontally to stabilize the frame. Before attaching the rails
and balusters, use the measuring tape, level and chalk line to ensure that they are positioned correctly and level. Once they
are positioned, use nails and a hammer to secure the rails and baluster to the wall studs and sole plates. Now, the frame for
the screened  porch is complete.

Attaching the Screen: Cut the screen to fit in the frame. Start at the top middle of the opening and using a staple
gun, secure the window screen. Work toward the outer edge of the frame, securing the window screen with staples at regular
intervals. Make sure to keep the window screen stretched taut and smooth as you go. After completing the top, staple the
sides and bottom, stretching the window screen taut. Continue using this process until you have screened in the entire frame.

Covering Seams:  Use the pre-cut wood strips to hide the staples along the frame. It is best to attach with wood
screws to make any necessary repairs easier later. These strips will provide your screened in porch with a finished
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