Decorating A Screen Porch
Screen Porch Flooring

Wood - Works well with any type of furniture.  Paint it white for a nice airy feel.

Concrete - Works well with urban style furniture

Bricks, Stones, Tile - Works well with many different types of furniture; gives a casual feel

Screen Porch Furniture

Matching Set - Allows for a uniform look

Mix and Match -  Allows for a more casual, relaxing look

Wicker -  Adds that country charm to your porch

Stainless Steel - Adds a modern touch to your porch

Screen Porch Accessories

Candles - Adds soft lighting

Wall Art - Make sure that these items are not framed

Tablecloth - Dresses up the table, especially if you will be dining on your porch

Dishes - Keep the table set with a nice set of dishes to dress it up

Plants - Add nice house plants for a more outdoorsy feel is your best resource for tips on how to screen a porch, screen porch ideas, screen porch pictures, screen porch designs,
screen porch decorating ideas, screen porch benefits, and eze breeze screen porches.
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